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Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS@TMC

An ecosystem for entrepreneurs to deliver transformational solutions for Patients, JLABS@TMC seeks to find the best science and technologies to solve the greatest unmet medical and health care needs of our time.

JLABS, part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, LLC, is a network of incubators providing emerging companies with many of the advantages of being in a big company without the capital investment. Residents have access to turnkey, state-of-the-art infrastructure, including singular bench tops, modular wet lab units and office space on a short-term basis.

“As one of the top global biotechnology clusters, and home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, Houston is a flourishing life science hub in which we see great potential for JLABS to enable the talented scientists in the region to take their innovation to the next level.”
– Melinda Richter, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS.

We seek the best science and technology to solve the greatest unmet medical and health care needs of our time. JLABS provides much more than typical incubators because it links regional entrepreneurs with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including opportunities to discuss funding, access third-party services, attend educational events and meet with R&D experts from our medical device and diagnostic technology, consumer health care product, and Janssen pharmaceutical teams.

Residents can also tap into the resources of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including venture investments through Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, R&D experts from the company’s medical device and diagnostic, consumer health care product, and pharmaceutical teams, as well as year-round commercialization curriculum and networking events.

JLABS follows a no-strings-attached approach, meaning the agreement for space does not grant JLABS or Johnson & Johnson Innovation any stake or rights in the companies, nor will the companies have a guaranteed future affiliation with JLABS or any of its affiliates.



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